Book: The Merchants of Doubt by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes

Very touched by this book which highlights the strategy of doubt and the manipulation of scientific discoveries by governments and lobbies in order to defend their interests according to the environment and human health.

I recommend that you read it because it explains how the strategy of doubt and its dangers work in view of our lack of knowledge of the scientific operation. For example, the vast majority of us do not really understand what it means to say that one thing is the cause of another: we believe that the effects are then automatic (such and such a cause leads to such a consequence), whereas in reality this causality simply corresponds to higher probabilities (which explains why sometimes a cause does not lead to the expected consequence).

On the other hand, we believe that science produces certainties; therefore, in the absence of certainty, we infer that science is wrong or not complete. But in reality, science is alive, it is a process and it is constantly evolving. It only provides an expert consensus at a time T, based on a careful examination of the facts.

Hence the importance of time-stamping each solvent scientific data using the blockchain and allowing its evolution controlled and measured by the time and evidence factor, control mechanisms: all scientific work must undergo peer review. provided that its last are not corrupted, hence the importance of: 1- Call on a global and decentralized scientific community. 2- Understand the importance of artificial intelligence which, combined with the blockchain could allow the elevation of humanity to a level more respectful of the planet and the environment. 3- Validate the publication of scientific articles, ideally after the validation of points 1 and 2 for impartiality respecting scientific ethics.

I am convinced that the Blockchain will help fight misinformation and allow true scientists with an ethic to change the world. let’s be aware of our role and of our human and professional mission in order to share the right information and support each other.

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