About us

Artizyou was created by creative people for creatives for the sole purpose of helping them protect their concepts and creations!

Our multidisciplinary team has spent more than 5 years in R & D to develop the best solution for Artizyou's users in terms of IP protection. Whether you're an artist, a scientist or an contractor, you'll have a reliable tool in your hands that is recognized worldwide for its optimal protection. By joining Artizyou, you become a member of a safe, responsible and conscious community.

The team



Sam Drissi
Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder

+14 years of experience in web development and creation of two marketing agencies. Visionary and passionate about technology, Sam is a creative who took an early interest in the protection and enhancement of intellectual property. He is the co-founder and conductor of the project.


Sabrina Tokli
Artiz Europe Administration Manager

Business woman with more than 15 years of experience in the creation and management of successful companies. She also works as a tax strategy consultant. Sabrina is passionate about innovation and loves solving functional issues. She fulfills the role of Artiz Europe Administration Manager


Marc Samoisette
V.P. Business Development, North American Market

Marc is in charge of Artizyou’s sales strategy. He has over 35 years of experience in sales and has coached 100’s over the years, including experts who constantly create IP. As a creator himself, he understands the issues surrounding Intellectual Property and the need to keep it safe.

Legal and strategy


Luc Paquette
Esquire - Legal Manager I Co-Founder

+31 years of experience in business law and artist and designer support with a specialty in notarial law. Co-founder and creator in the modernization of legacy tools at the service of creatives


Chiheb Ghazouani
Esquire: ICO legal managing partner | Co-founder

With a PhD in private law from Panthéon Assas University (Paris II), he teaches business and ICT law in France and Tunisia. He has +17 years of experience in business law including the creation of and investment in several startups, and he cofounded the law firm CAG. His work is part of the evolution of Artizyou by intervening in the structure of the ICO and financial strategy.


Dorra Jalel
Esquire: CAG Law Firm lawyer, Financial ICO regulation

Senior Associate at CAG LAW FIRM with + 6 years of experience. Dorra is passionate about music. Her mission is the legal analysis of the ICO cycle as well as the regulatory system of financial market authorities.


Abir Gaddes
Esquire: Law Firm lawyer, International ICO regulation

Senior Associate at CAG LAW FIRM with +7 years of experience. Abir is passionate about art and music. Her mission is the legal analysis of the ICO cycle and the regulation of cryptocurrency in Europe.


Michael J Wasco
Esquire: Patent Attorney

Michael is Partner and Patent Attorney at Paul Frank + Collins P.C. He enjoys +15 years of experience in law and intellectual property. His role is to structure and support IP consultation with Artizyou clients. He also consults on certain webinars offered by Artizyou in order to train clients about the use of copyright.


David Pocius
Esquire: Strategic Legal Consultation

David is the Director and Specialist in Conciliation and Strategic Consulting at Paul Frank + Collins P.C. He assists Michael in supporting Artizyou clients and contributes to the strategic and functional decisions of Artizyou.

Marketing and PR


Walid Bouzouita
Analyst I UX Designer I Co-Founder

A talented artist and analyst, Walid has over 14 years of experience as a UX designer and innovative concept optimization consultant working for several startups and large companies. He contributed to optimizing Artizyou’s operation and continues to work to improve the customer experience in the adoption of Artizyou and the exploitation of the Blockchain.


Wassim Abdellatif
Senior Art Director

Creative genius and talented senior Artistic Director with +19 years of experience for the most prestigious communication and design agencies and co-founder of DBO creative industry, Wassim fulfills the role of artistic director. His mission is the updating of the brand image of Artizyou as well as the creation of a marketing roadmap for creatives.


Shaden Ghehioueche
Senior Creative Director

A talented designer, Shaden has been working in the arts and technology for over 18 years. Whether in augmented or virtual reality, he has completed several grandiose projects and co founded the KOLLAB AGENCY. He occupies the role of Artistic Creator at Artizyou, in which he optimizes the brand image and the innovative marketing strategy, which directly affects creatives.


Marc Litalien
Web Artistic Manager I Co-Founder

A talented musician and designer, Marc has more than 28 years of experience in artistic direction. He fulfills the role of digital artistic director for Artizyou, ensuring compliance with the charter and UX and contributing to the loyalty strategy.


Maricar Sze
Manager of Content Creation

Mari is an expert in content writing and SEO with +14 years of experience. Her mission at Artizyou is to write high value articles intended to educate Artizyou clients and energize the community.


Sarah Zurhellen

Sarah Zurhellen, PhD, is the Assistant Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program and a Professional Consultant in the University Writing Center at Appalachian State University. She studies how technology affects the way we read, write, remember, and learn. She assists Artizyou by proofing and offering editorial feedback on written content.



Remi Gagnon
Senior CTO | Co-Founder

President of Fungo Group, Inc. since 2013, Remi has 24 years of experience as a system architect and application developer. He fulfills the role of senior CTO and co-founder of Artizyou. In strengthening the technological structure, he also offers support to companies such as Ebay and other players.


Mathiou Houde
Junior CTO I Optimization Manager

Musician and talented programmer, Mathieu fulfills the role of Junior CTO and conductor of the Artizyou project. He invests in the technological evolution of Artizyou. Mathieu is a talented and meticulous programmer, and he ensures consistency among the team.


Dominic Michaud
Chief Operations Officer | Integrator | Co-Founder

Dominic has +9 years of experience in web development. He intervenes as COO and integrator on the Artizyou project.


Nicolas Pinault
Blockchain Expert | Co-Founder

With 22 years of experience building software and applications with Ruby expertise, Nicolas fulfills the role of Blockchain expert and oversees the management of smart contracts for Artizyou and the generation of blockchain Intellectual Property (bIP) certificates.


Bachir Sallami
AI Consultant

Experienced machine learning specialist and avid learner, Bachir strives to bring together AI and domain expertise to design innovative solutions. With +10 years of experience, he fulfills the role of AI consultant to develop and evolve plagiarism detectors within Artizyou.


Muhammad Rizwan
Full Stack Developer

Rizwan is a talented developer with +9 years of experience in RUBY ON RAILS, SASS, React, and React Native and Blockchain. He takes care of the technological infrastructure of Artizyou and contributes to its evolution.


Akaash Mukherjee
Senior Blockchain Expert | Co-Founder

8 years of passion and R&D in Blockchain and Director of Jonar Labs, Akaash has developed several decentralized solutions for small and large companies. He fulfills the role of Blockchain expert within Artizyou, orchestrating the ICO and the development of Artizcoin.


Hugo Lachance
Lead Blockchain Expert

Hugo is a web developer who is passionate about technology and the blockchain sphere. He has +12 years of experience and occupies the role of Lead Blockchain Engineer. His mission is the development of the blockchain structure and the organizational functioning of Artizcoin.


Michael Tememe
Cyber Security Expert | CEO SNAPI Guard

Mich is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the cryptocurrency sphere. With +19 years of experience in cybersecurity, he is the co-founder of Snapi Guard. He fulfills the role of cybersecurity consultant for Artizyou and ensures continuous optimization for the highest data security standards.

Advisers and partners


Thomas Melchior
ICO Management Expert

Thomas has +28 years of experience in consulting and financial strategy, particularly in the sphere of ICOs. He contributes as a consultant on the functional and financial strategy of Artizyou.


Ali Shahzad
ICO Finance Strategy

Ali has +19 years of experience in the startup sphere and, more precisely, ICOs. He fulfills the role of consultant in financial strategy for the ICO and the evolution of Artizcoin

The ultimate goal of the team, is to lead Artizyou to an international level so that the platform will be an institutional and international reference for the creatives of the planet, operating in the same philosophy as the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).