Feeling happy for developing a potentially marketable product? Congratulations! However, are you sure that your creation isn’t an easy target to fraudsters?

Perhaps, we could all agree that having your own creation stolen and sold on an online store, like Amazon, comes as a total nightmare. With the rising number of fraudsters and other types of criminals hiding just ahead, it’s normal to see yourself worrying about the security of your invention.

Fortunately, with intellectual property law, there now comes a range of ways that will allow you to secure your ownership over your creations and prevent possible theft of digital assets.

To let you know how exactly you can prevent others from stealing your works, we have prepared a brief rundown of the possible ways you could do.

Check them out!

  • Seek forCopyright Protection

As you might have guessed, the first step to securing your invention is by performing some legal actions, such as registering for a copyright protection.

To simply explain, this form of intellectual property law is created to protect original works of authorship by providing the author of the work with the exclusive right to distribute and use his creation and preventing others from copying that same work.

  • Patent YourInvention

Another important step you must not dare miss to protect your creation is to file for a provisional patent application. Basically, by patenting your invention, you will be able to protect the specificities of your creation against the unauthorized use of other parties.

Take note, however, that you can only patent a work if and only if it is: 1) useful; 2) can be manufactured; and 3) new.

However, since receiving a written statement of patentability for your invention might take a while, it’s important to remember that the work must not have been made known to the public or other parties in the meantime while no confirmation has been sent to you yet.

  • Create Protective Agreements

In case your invention is not patentable, turning to legal agreements can be the next alternative you could bet on. Under this arrangement, the original author of a work will have those who are likely to steal the product sign a nondisclosure agreement that will prevent the other parties from using the invention without authorization.

However, it is important to note that the signing of the agreement must be done before you introduce any of the necessary details about your product to the other party (e.g. potential buyer or licence).

The Bottom Line

Stressing over how you can stop others from stealing your creation and putting it on sale without your authorization? With the right legal move, you can now secure your ownership over your original works and prevent others from claiming them as their own.

To ensure that you’re making the right actions that need to be done, be sure to take some legal advice by consulting the best legal tech companies in your area today!

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