“The beginning of every technological revolution is seen as ridiculous, then bizarre, and finally fantastic!!!” Idriss Aberkane

Currently, public opinion sees the blockchain as a strong, but bizarre technology because it is misunderstood.

Here is a great, free report from the British Standard Institute that highlights the challenges blockchain faces in terms of responding to the questions of our current society.

The future will be better; we are faced with an infinity of possibilities.

Travel back in time for a moment and imagine (or remember) what it was like to host a website in 2000, as the Internet bloomed and we began to hear about cloud computing. Hosting in the clouds? How? It will never work … This is always the process of progress.

You don’t want to miss this bandwagon—blockchain is open to countless possibilities for all!

\ Sam Drissi



pict - credit : créé par kues - freepik.com I Source infos: https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR2223.html