About us

Artizyou was created by creative people for creatives for the sole purpose of helping them protect their concepts and creations!

Our multidisciplinary team has spent more than 5 years in R & D to develop the best solution for Artizyou's users in terms of IP protection. Whether you're an artist, a scientist or an contractor, you'll have a reliable tool in your hands that is recognized worldwide for its optimal protection. By joining Artizyou, you become a member of a safe, responsible and conscious community.

The team



Sam Drissi
Creative Director and Co-Founder

Sam Drissi is the creative director. He is in charge of the creative development of the platform as well as the marketing strategy. He has over 14 years of experience in the field of creative web agencies and has worked for multinationals such as G.M., Unilever, Siemens and the TVA Group. He has expertise in web marketing, blockchain and sales force. He is also the founder of two influential marketing agencies.

Sam Drissi has been closely involved in the evolution of the platform and the selection of the different technical and creative teams for its development since 2013.


Luc Paquette
Legal Director and Co-Founder

Luc Paquette, who is the legal director, is also the co-founder of Artizyou. An experienced notary, who has over 25 years of professional experience with a particular interest in the fields of creation and art.

He has 4 consulting firms located in Montreal and its surroundings. He has assisted in several projects related to Intellectual Property and Arts.

His contribution to Artizyou comes down to the legal development of the platform: conditions of use, privacy policy and development of the filing methodology in collaboration with lawyers and IP experts which is at the heart of the platform Artizyou.

Marc Samoisette

Marc Samoisette
VP Business Development and Author

Marc is taking charge of Artizyou’s sales strategy. He has over 35 years of experience in sales and has coached 100’s over the years including experts who constantly create IP. As a creator himself, he understands the issues surrounding Intellectual Property and the need to keep it safe.

Marc has worked for large multinationals as well as heading sales for start-ups. In addition, he is currently coaching leaders of SMBs on how to implement sales processes that yield results.

Technical team


Rémi Gagnon
Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Over 23 years of experience in web and mobile software development.


Nicolas Pineault
Blockchain expert

Management of technological resources, architect, responsible for research & development.


Dominic Michaud
Chief Operations Officer / Integrator

Integration of platform design and Javascript, HTML and Ruby on Rails functionality.


Marc Litalien
Artistic Director / Integrator and Co-founder

Graphic designer and web for more than 23 years, training in visual art and graphics. Business Development.


Walid BZ
Analyst / Designer UX / Ergonomist

Information architecture (content inventory, navigation models and features). Axure prototypes (advanced level). Design in responsive design, mobile, app. Documentation (annotations and functional specifications). Quality assurance.

The ultimate goal of the team, is to lead Artizyou to an international level so that the platform will be an institutional and international reference for the creatives of the planet, operating in the same philosophy as the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).